The Star Dusters

President 2003-2004: George Richard (210-684-3564) President George & Theresa Richard
Secretary 2004: Duane Hitchcock (210-696-0141)
Founding President:
Originated: 1957
Enrollment: 75 couples (by invitation)
Contact: George Richard or Duane Hitchcock
Dances: 4 dances per year (Thursday evenings)
Location: San Antonio Country Club, Double Tree, Oak Hills Country Club, and Fort Sam Houston NCO Club
Attire: Formal
Music: 3 Big Band dances and 1 Western dance (Cowboy Night w/ breakfast)
Bar: Open Bar and Snacks
Docia & Roy Bob & Sharon Betty & Jerry Louise & Hollis Martha & Jack
Richard & Sandy Irene & Leo Louise & Hart Agatha & Don The Royalaires