The TU Ropers C&W Dance Troupe

Derek and Beth spinning shot

The dance troupe was originally formed in 1979 while Patrick was teaching at various colleges and universities in San Antonio. It was formerly the McMillan and Company Dance Troupe which included students from most San Antonio schools as well as from Trinity University. In 1991 McMillan filled in for Shirley Rushing during her sabbatical from Trinity University, and was hired as an adjunct professor upon her return. As his classes increased, the troupe became inundated with Trinity students and was again renamed, this time as The TU Ropers C&W Dance Troupe.

The objective of the troupe is to provide community service through family entertainment at local conventions, festivals, fairs, rodeos, and fundraisers. They have often been used as ambassadors of goodwill to represent San Antonio, Texas, and the USA. These services have included:

The troupe also has exhibited its dance skills in several television shows, music videos, and movies such as: