McMillan & Company
Social Dance Troupe

The dance troupe was originally formed in 1979 while Patrick McMillan, Artistic Director, was instructing at San Antonio Junior College. After the students received their associate degree at SAC, many would transfer to local colleges and universities. This would allow the dances to remain in the troupe and continue their dance training. The troupe, originally known as the San Antonio College Social Dance Troupe, consisted of Ballroom & Latin, Country & Western, as well as Disco. Because McMillan wished to keep his alumni, “red tape” forced him to drop San Antonio College from their troupe name. The students then renamed the troupe McMillan And Company after the then-popular show McMillan and Wife. Soon after, McMillan began working at Our Lady of the Lake University as well as coaching classes at Trinity University. The troupe eventually consisted of students from most colleges and universities in the San Antonio area.

San Antonio College Ballroom Dance Troupe

San Antonio College Folk Dancers

San Antonio College Country & Western Dance Troupe

Patrick & Carole

San Antonio College Folk Dancers

University of California, Berkeley

San Antonio's 250th Anniversary

Presented by Great Productions

Performing For The Spurs

McMillan & Company C&W Dance Troupe

Patrick and Carole

“Practice Makes Perfect”

Mikie & Sheri

Patrick McMillan & Carole Tillick
Former US National Swing Champions

Dodie Smith's Birthday Party

Waltzin' McMillan
From Orange to Laredo

Alaska's 25th Anniversary State Fair

Air Force Village I - 1987
Monthly Birthday/Anniversary Party

McMillan & Company

Sherry, Patrick, and Kathy “The Six-Pack”
Eric & Leah Andy & Sherry Howard & Kim Lance & Candy Link & Kathy Joe & Isabelle

Dedication of the Japanese Gardens

National Baptist Youth Convention
Arneson River Theater

Kumamoto City, Japan
Celebrating 100 Years as a Modern Country

1990 San Antonio Rodeo

1990 Saint Anthony “Tea” Dance

At The Roaring 20's

1990 Air Force Village I

San Antonio Singles Expo '90

Performing for Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip
Hilton Paseo del Rio Hotel
USO 50th Anniversary Gala
Rivercenter Mall
Poteet Strawberry Festival
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

1991 Alamo Heights Prom

In 1991 McMillan & Company Dance Troupe begin to fade as the Trinity students inundated Patrick's classes. Shirley Rushing, Chair of Physical Education & Athletics at Trinity took a year sabbatical, hiring Patrick to instruct the Social Dance classes during her absence. Upon Ms. Rushing's return, Trinity kept Patrick as an adjunct instructor and added additional classes. Due to the increase in students, Patrick soon changed the name of the dance troupe to The TU Ropers C&W Dance Troupe, added The TU Ballroom & Latin Dance Troupe, and organized the Trinity University Social Dance Club. The Social Dance classes continue to thrive at Trinity, and the dance troupes, organized to provide community service, continue to entertain the San Antonio area with good family entertainment.