A Little Bit About Patrick

Patrick and his brother Mike were raised on a cattle ranch southwest of Moore, Texas by his grandparents, Oscar and Katherine Conover. Patrick developed his angelity and Mike developed his athletic skills as Patrick spent most of his time dodging rubber-tipped arrows, B-B gun bullets and dried cow pies.

Patrick first developed his dancing skills with his older brother Mike. Please make note of his black eye, that's for thinking that he might lead instead of follow! Also note that he had not developed his proper dance frame as of yet.

Saturday night usually found Patrick, his family and numerous family friends at a local Saturday night dance. One of his favorite photos is with his mother, Billie Jo, known to everyone as Mama Bill. Once again, note that he still needed to work on proper dance frame.

During Junior High, Patrick's afternoons were spent watching American Bandstand and then practicing the new moves with his best friends. Photo includes Phyllis, Chester, Carole and Patrick.

School days find Pat and Mike sporting their new bow ties and sport coats.

Pat is showing off his dashing crew cut, as Mike goes for the Fonzie look.

Moving into their senior years, Pat is in his white sport coat and Mike is in his cap and gown.

The Natalia Mustangs football team finds Mike in the front row, #10, one of the team's best. Patrick is on the second row, #89. Patrick played football to prove that he couldn't play football. Weighing in at 135 pounds, he was the team's top benchwarmer! The year was 1960 and the late John Ferrera, a Trinity University graduate, made his debut as a football coach at NHS.

The NHS Homecoming Royalty 1960: Clifford & Charie, Alton & Carolyn, Jerry & Gay, Patrick & Carole, and Ernesto & Kathy. This was one of Patrick's biggest honors, placing first runner-up to the Homecoming King. The King was Mike, his brother and lifetime hero.

Homecoming King & Queen 1959 were Mike McMillan & Veda Saunders. In 1960 Mike was crowned King with Queen Veronica Davis.

Following graduation, Patrick moved to Fairbanks to enroll at the University of Alaska. He found it easy to leave behind his first car, a black 1960 Studebaker Lark, but found it very difficult to leave behind girlfriend Janet Howell.