The Candle Light Dance Club

President 2004: Joline Moore (210-861-1211)
President Joline Moore
& Jerry Dowson
Vice President 2004: Marie Moore (830-606-3282)
President 2003: Glen and Helen Pohly (830-899-4790)
Founding President: Jay and Marie Moore
Originated: 2000
Enrollment: 100 couples (Contact Joline Moore or Jim McCutcheon (210-822-9027)
Contact: Joline Moore or Jay & Marie Moore
Dances: 6 dances per year plus New Year's Eve (New Year's Eve open to the public)
Location: Civic Center
380 South Seguin Avenue
New Braunfels, TX
Attire: Men - Tuxedo, white dinner jacket or dark suit and tie
Ladies - Formal evening wear, party pants not permitted
Music: Various Big Bands
Bar: BYOB (Set-ups and Snacks