The Arthur Murray Years

Mexico City National Dance-O-Rama
Arthur Murray Staff
International Quickstep
Carole and Chuck - Carol and Patrick
Arthur Murray Staff
First Place Teacher - Region 7

George Theiss, VP Arthur Murray, Inc.
Patrick McMillan
Jan DeWolf, Owner, Arthur Murray Studio
First Place Teacher
Mexico City Dance-O-Rama
JoAnn and Patrick
Juarez, Mexico
Henri and Patrick
Patrick and First-Place Students
Dorothy and Patrick
Nell Farber and Patrick
Bill and Mabel - Lois and Patrick
Cruising the Caribbean
Carole and Patrick
Professional Dance Team

Janice and Patrick
Student and Best Friend
Shirlyn and Patrick
Professional Dance Team
Waltzing With The San Antonio Symphony
At Hemisfair Lake
Discoing to “Saturday Night Fever”
“At The Copa” With The Charro Cheerleaders
Dancing With Vickie Venka
National Judge for Arthur Murray, Inc.